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Zito Construction Co.

Infrastructure Contractor   Grand Blanc, Michigan



City of LapeerCity of CorunnaBristol Road Bridge - Flint Twp.Village of CaroGensee County North Water Loop, Contract 3, Phase 3Bladwin Rd Bridge, Grand Blanc, MIMiller Road, Flint TownshipHill & Elms Roundabout, Swartz Creek, MI

   Specializing in excavating, road building, water mains and sewer mains on private developments and public works projects in Michigan. 


   Our work also includes: pipe boring, pump stations, box culverts, 

brick pavers, tree clearing, tree planting, hydroseeding and demolition.

    Our employees are our greatest assets - experienced and professional.

    Working on-time, clean and efficient, with an emphasis on safety.

    Applying the latest in construction technology and techniques. 

    An www.michigan.gov/mdot/ Prequalified Contractor.

    Getting the job done since 1969.  49 years.

     Member of the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association. www.mi-ita.com

     An Equal Opportunity Employer.

     Family owned and operated.         

     Bonded and insured.